Concerned coal trains would harm Bellingham


Today I was reminded why I live in Bellingham and why I want to protect this beautiful corner of the world.

While walking down the Taylor Dock on a gorgeous, sunny spring day, I was feeling a sense of gratitude to the mayor and city council members of 2004 who helped make this "walk across the water" possible. The dock draws hundreds of people, both local and visitors alike.

I was enjoying the blue sky, the clear water, the boats, the people ... totally at peace with the world when I heard some loud blasts and soon the screeching sound of some hundred-plus coal cars coming down the tracks. My joy turned to sorrow as I thought about the possibility of this becoming an all day/all night disturbance.

I have lived in Belllingham for 30 years and never once thought of leaving until the talk of coal trains became a reality. I believe coal trains would devastate our city, our health and our economy. I want to add my voice to the many who have already spoken out. I love Bellingham and will fight to maintain its integrity.

Becky Klein


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