Says religious tolerance should work for all


We do not waive our right to freedom of religion just because we go into business. (Please note, the constitution does not say freedom from religion.) An example would be Catholic hospitals are allowed to refuse to have abortions done at their facilities. Also some pharmacists were allowed to refuse to provide the abortion Plan B pill as long as they provided an alternate source. I'm sure those young men could have found another florist without expecting a florist to compromise their faith.

As Christians we believe in the Holy Bible and we have that right. The Bible repeatedly reveals that the "act" of homosexuality is sinful as per Romans 1:24-27,1 Corinthians 6:9-10,1 Timothy 1:10. These are the words of Jesus as per John 14:26.

Crying out for tolerance works both ways. People need to be tolerant of our religious freedom and faith. I will be praying that all people will accept the Holy Bible in its entirety, not pick the part you like and disregard the parts you don't like. If you find that challenging, remember Jesus challenged the prophecies, apostles and Jews during his public life.

Dolores Lockhart Franco


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