Questions concern over tax review


Recently the IRS admitted they had paid special attention to the 501(C) applications for tax-free status from groups whose names included phrases like "Tea Party" or "Patriot." These groups were examined more closely than liberal groups. This is unfair. Citizens dedicated to fair treatment for all should be appalled. I felt sick when I heard. However, I found myself confused by some of conservative reactions to this action.

Conservatives should support this sort of profiling. According to the book "Change They Can't Believe In," most Tea Party conservatives support racial profiling. A 2010 Gallup poll showed that 83 percent of conservatives supported profiling to fight terrorism, while only 47 percent of liberals did.

No one chooses to be born a certain race or nationality. A group calling itself Tea Party this or that is a matter of choice, and should be a more accurate marker of political inclination. Since one tenet of the Tea Party movement is that they are over-taxed, one might think Tea Party organizations seeking tax-free status deserve a closer look.

So, why all the shouting? It can't be an objection to profiling. Is it because the scrutiny is being applied to them? Do they only feel unfairness when it applies to them?

Don't get me wrong: this situation made me sick. But I'm baffled how conservatives can object.

Greg Beatty


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