Backs Reproductive Parity Act


I've long been proud of being a woman living in Washington State and, with states across the union legalizing restrictions on abortion coverage, I am extremely happy to hear about the work some Washington State legislators are doing to mandate the opposite.

The Reproductive Parity Act would require that insurance companies providing coverage for maternity care also cover abortion services. With the changing landscape of federal healthcare reform, insurance providers will soon be required to separate abortion coverage from their existing plans, effectively putting women's healthcare decisions into the hands of her employer. Considering that every insurance carrier and almost every insurance plan in Washington already covers abortion, why wouldn't we want to keep it that way?

Steadfast as I am in my beliefs about being able to choose what's right for you, the Reproductive Parity Act has faced some challenges within the State Senate. As a supporter of health, I urge my elected officials to pass the Reproductive Parity Act this special session and provide an example to the nation that keeping the freedom and privacy to make the health care decisions that are right for themselves and their families in women's hands is the only decision. No woman should have her health care decisions made for her because she cannot afford care.

Celia Buckingham


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