Sees benefits in waterfront plan


We all know that Bellingham needs not Mc-Pay jobs but living wage jobs that the waterfront district could provide with sufficient income for affordable health insurance and housing that restores dignity through independence from handouts.

There are social benefits from earning a living wage. A living wage secures a worker a livelihood from only one job which will eliminate the commuting between two Mc-Paying jobs and home. The lifestyle of shuttling between agencies struggling to support our one-in-five poor decreases, perhaps ceases. Children benefit throughout their lives from an economically sufficient household. Parents are freed from juggling children between neighbors, friends and relatives. Fewer children are left unattended. Schools provide fewer meals often to tired, sick children. Simply put, there is less chance of perpetuating poverty and fostering criminal behaviors.

The worker is freed up to spend more time with his/her family, participate in hobbies, exercise regularly, even continue their education and participate in civic life.

Labor is not a commodity to be purchased at the lowest price without degradation and costs to our community. The waterfront development presents an opportunity to reverse that trend with local people spending in the local economy -- the best benefit of all.

Carole Jacobson


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