Says war machine radicalized bombers


Yes, the shock and awe of the marathon bombing hit me first, but the thought that exploded in my head was, "We have Bush/Cheney to blame for the terror." As reported, the alleged brother bombers were seeking revenge for what they wrongfully believed to be a Judeo-Christian assault on Islam, as posited by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I firmly believe that the Bush/Cheney corporate oil and war machine is what radicalized these two young Chechnian toughs. It had little to do with al Qaeda or Islam and all to do with oil and mid-east dominance.

America is in the beginning of reaping the terror sown by its neo-con evildoers. Bin Laden is dead. We must stop the drones now and expand the goodwill process, if we are ever to reverse this cycle of revenge.

Justice must be metted out to the Boston Marathon bombers and accompanied by the trial of Bush/Cheney et al for the crimes they have committed against humanity.

Dennis Smith


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