Stream trouting set to open soon, Nooksack leads


Stream trout season opens in several weeks and there are several new wrinkles in the rules for this start-up.

While virtually all other flowing waters due to be available in 2013 are opening the first Saturday in June, anglers born to stream fish in the Nooksack get a legal head start on some but not all of its waters.

Also restored to the creek/river mix this year are beaver ponds in a new classification, as well.

But fishers of creeks, beaver ponds and rivers should also be aware or remember that they don't have the run of this entire water world anymore.


The younger trout fishing set had a great time Saturday, May 11, at the annual Bellingham Kids Fishing Derby organized by the Northwest Washington Steelheaders.

We'll have the names of all the winners in Sunday's Outdoors Column.

There are more opportunities coming soon for kids to shine and have fun tussling with trout.


For more details about the coming stream gamefish angling season as well as results of the Bellingham kid's trout tilt plus more fishing and hunting news, read Sunday's Outdoors Column.

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