Wants to let market forces work


Now that Americans are comfortable paying $3.50 a gallon for gasoline, I believe that the local refineries should pay their fair share out of their huge profit margins. Once again, market forces have surged gasoline to $4 a gallon right before Memorial Day.

Since we pay the highest price for gasoline, I would like to suggest Whatcom County officials consider a floating tax that is tied to the price of gasoline on our two refineries.

This tax would rise and fall in proportion to the price of gasoline due to market forces. I would suggest that the percentage of this tax be based on the price of $1.19 per gallon as that was the existing price when gasoline seemed to soar out of control due to market forces. Of course this would be a significant increase in taxes at the current $4 per gallon.

Additionally I would like to suggest Whatcom County officials consider mandatory invasive specie inspections for all tankers mooring in local waters. These ships are quite large and the permit fees for these inspections would be considerable.

Perhaps $100 a foot. I sincerely hope that Skagit County doesn't beat us in instituting these forward-thinking proposals.

Alan Spalding


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