Urges kids to eat right, get more exercise


I am writing this letter to advocate against childhood obesity and to protect children from forces beyond their understanding.

Children deserve to live in a place that provides them with a healthy food environment. Here are some alarming statistics, one-third of American adults are classified as obese and two-thirds are overweight (Olfman, "Childhood Lost").

What is even more alarming is that childhood obesity is increasing at twice the rate as adults. Why, you ask? Because people (not all) are feeding their children unhealthy foods. These foods are loaded with calories from fat, salt, and sugar and are taking the place of valuable nutrients from fresh fruits, vegetables, and milk. America has now become a fast-food culture; these fast-food chains are everywhere we look, easily accessible and cheap. But that doesn't give us the right to allow our children to shovel this garbage into their mouths.

Kids don't understand how bad some foods they are inhaling are. It's parents' jobs to be responsible for their children's health and well-being. Obese children are more vulnerable to low self-esteem, social exclusion and bullying.

Instead of letting your children watch hours of TV that has an overload of advertisements that are mostly unhealthy food choices - make them go outside. Let them run, play, skip, and dance. Make them do something physically active. Give them the chance to lead healthy lives.

Amber Wirth


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