Wants to get tough on student loan defaults


As far as I know the taxpayers of this country have not yet voted to make college and university tuition free. Apparently, the article in the May 12 Bellingham Herald indicates at over 6 million students with college loans think it is.

I'm sure that there are some good reasons why some of those with loans are falling behind in their repayments. The total amount was not stated in the article.

Why can't the Social Security Administration and the IRS act on these defaulted loans? If someone is working they should be paying into the Social Security fund and money should be being withheld for federal income tax. When these individuals file at the end of the year why can't money be taken from their refund (if they have one coming to them) of IRS to help pay back their loans? If these individuals don't have enough taken weekly from their earnings to warrant a refund, their employers should be contacted and the amount adjusted so that enough is available at the end of the year to help pay down their debt. Employees that don't act to adjust the amount withheld should be fined.

Taking out a student loan involves both a moral and legal commitment. Education should be teaching both these virtues.

Dr. Robert C. Knodt


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