Criticizes mayors over coal terminal


Mayors of Whatcom County are an embarrassment, particularly Kelli Linville. They represent the people who will be closest to the proposed coal terminal, yet they refuse to represent the people who elected them to keep them safe. For what, a few jobs?

To begin with, we must respect the Lummi Nation and the land they have lived on and relied on long before we were here. It is not our land our water to exploit.

We all will suffer the consequences of the transporting coal by rail to Cherry Point in the form of noise, air and water pollution along with safety concerns and risks of derailments.

We all will suffer the consequences of storing and loading this dirty coal at the terminal in piles open to the elements (wind and rain). Not only will we suffer but so will the plant life, animal life, and the water we depend upon - just to name a few.

We will all suffer the consequences from shipping coal to Asia and the water pollution, risk of accidents on the sea, invasive species returning in ships and the terribly dirty bulk fuel that is burned. Who will inspect and keep up safe from those effects?

Then we let Asia burn the coal which results in more pollution that affects the planet and everything we need to survive. What is there to think about, mayors?

You were mandated to keep us safe. Do your jobs.

Amy Glasser


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