Suggests changes to save Earth's climate


Last week an article in The Herald informed us that the world has reached 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a level last seen several million years ago. "The speed at which Earth's atmosphere reached that density of carbon dioxide, a known greenhouse gas, has scientists alarmed." News that huge should have been on the front page. As the greatest challenge our species is facing, I think all such news should be first page-worthy.

In an informative and entertaining book by scientist and mother Sandra Steinbgraber, "Raising Elijah," the author points out three things every household can easily do to reduce our carbon footprint. One is to have a garden using one's own scraps for compost and thus reducing the world's grbage; the second is to air dry all clothes (the dryer is second to the frig in household carbon dioxide emissions); and third, to have only as much lawn as one can mow with a push mower. (A mower emits in one hour the air pollution equivalent to driving an average car 200 miles.) Many of us in Bellingham already do these things. It's heartening we can make at least a little difference.

We can't afford to to put articles about climate change in the back of the paper any more.

Kristin Barber


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