Concerned business sways tax policy


Reflecting on the op-ed article by Doug Ericksen and his defense of big oil tax loopholes, I am reminded that BP and Conoco contribute substantially to his campaign fund. However it is we the people who elect him to represent our interests. We in Whatcom County have paid the highest cost per gallon for gasoline on the west coast of the U.S. Let us keep in mind BP has profits of more than 20 billion dollars a year.

Let us also think about their new rail spur that brings tar sands oil to Cherry Point.

At a time when we need to reduce the need for and manufacture of air and water pollutants, British Petroleum is increasing the output. Closing the tax loophole will not cause the refinery to close and increased production will likely create new jobs.

We cannot maintain a first class education and highway system without a reliable tax base. Big corporations pay big money to avoid tax. Our property and sales tax moneys pay Sen. Ericksen and the other legislators to represent us. Are we getting our money's worth? Or are BP and Conoco getting their money's worth?

Alice Brown


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