Finds city's rail closure unnecessary


Bellingham is wonderful! But occasionally local government or citizens propose something preposterous!

Since childhood we've looked for trains before crossing tracks! With speed limits (freights especially), size, loud horns, bright headlights, how can we miss? And both sides of the crossing, lights flash, bells ring and gates lower. That's a substantial warning that a train's coming, don't you think?

Someone recently nearly drove in front of a train, and someone actually did once, so City Hall proposes we should close the crossing!

Closing streets and spending $1,000s or millions saving reckless people from themselves gets costly. With only four cars per hour on average, that's still 96 cars per day or 35,000 a year inconvenienced to protect a future careless person from himself.

The street is closed now. A business finds itself barren of traffic. In ten years, 350,000-plus cars that otherwise might pass will be annoyed, waste time and fuel, and the business' sales and employment will be affected.

"Support local business?" Ha!

Our bureaucrats didn't even realize that extending the existing warning-light circuits from nearby crossings and adding a sign, "Do not cross if either light is flashing!" would cost way less than barricades and the lit signs running night and day. Too simple!

It's time for a little common sense.

Joe Coons


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