Offers example of working collectivism


On Tuesday a reader from Bellingham claimed that "collectivism has always failed." Always? Really?

The state of Israel has had actual collectives since its beginning and today there are some 250 of them still in operation. They're called kibbutzim and some still operate in a completely collective mode, in which all members are paid the same regardless of their allotted job. Wow! How communist can they get?

Moreover, Israel has a highly socialized health care system where everyone has to be part of it and everyone has to be covered by health insurance. The costs are very low in comparison to the U.S. and the overall health of Israeli citizens is rated at fourth best in the world. The U.S.? Thirty-seventh?

And since the reader took the liberty of equating liberalism and progressivism with communism, may I take the liberty of equating conservatism with Fascism, and worse?

Gary Nelson


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