Worried neighbors not concerned for all


It seems that folks who don't want infill in their neighborhoods don't want to feel responsible for low-income folks not being able to find places to live here. But they are. And then, if they don't want students or renters or apartment units in their neighborhoods, they are more responsible. And then, if they don't want Catholic Community Services' housing for homeless folks downtown, they are even more responsible. Folks who didn't want me and the other "hippies" at the Barracks, helped destroy 19 units of low-rent housing. They made it harder for us to find places to live, especially in Fairhaven.

Gentrification seems like an improvement to neighborhoods, but often eliminates low-cost housing or increases rents. Code enforcement and landlord licensing might drive folks into downward spirals, living in the county, driving to work in Bellingham, not affording car insurance, gas, and repairs. Some folks end up living in their cars and getting tickets because there's no safe place to park.

Please consider some of these factors when you are concerned about maintaining "quality of life" in your neighborhood. Let's not create more homeless folks!

Sherry Jubilo


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