Neighbors rally support for Larrabee


Larrabee Elementary School is the center of Bellingham's southside community, providing a secure place for learning, a walkable school for K-5th grade children, and a gathering space and playground for neighbors. Despite the objections of many students, neighbors and parents, Bellingham School District's Superintendant Dr. Greg Baker is holding a hearing with the Bellingham school board to consider closure of this important neighborhood school.

The Happy Valley Neighborhood Association board believes that there is a calculable and an incalculable value of preserving, renovating and keeping Larrabee School open. Larrabee families are working together with the Happy Valley Neighborhood Association to keep Larrabee Elementary open and preserve the vitality of the Happy Valley neighborhood. We believe that the school district could work to modernize and retrofit Larrabee, add 21st century technology, ensure accessibility, and extend the life-cycle of the existing building.

The Bellingham school board will hold a hearing at the Larrabee Elementary School gym, 1409 18th St. The hearing is on May 8 at 5:30 p.m. A "Keep Larrabee School Open Rally" will be at 5 p.m., on the Larrabee playground before the hearing. For information from the Save Larrabee School advocates, contact:

Wendy Scherrer


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