Says NRA is civil rights organization


I believe that the NRA, at 5 million members strong, is the largest and strongest civil rights organization in the world. I believe most liberals hate the Second Amendment and ultimately would eliminate it. Twenty thousand federal, state, local and city laws don't satisfy them so they demand more "sensible" laws, meanwhile they're their own worst enemy as firearm and ammo sales are through the roof due to "panic buying." Seriously, folks, if it's not your handgun they're trying to restrict or outlaw it's your AR-15, if not that, it's ammo restrictions. If it wasn't so serious it would be laughable, the liberal talking heads don't know the difference between "clips" and "magazines" but in typical liberal fashion are experts on what gun owners "need" or definitely don't "need." The bottom line is the Second Amendment will stand as the founding fathers intended, and yes, firearm technology is relative to the time we live in just as it was then. Ironically, given a choice, I believe a liberal would board the jet with armed pilots, send his child to school with armed security, attend any public or private event with armed security. Oh, by the way, the NRA is very "diverse," board members and membership alike are made up of a variety of ethnicity, gender, union, non-union, active military and veterans, blue collar and white collar, law enforcement. Show me the "radical" in the NRA again?

Grant M. Stevens


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