Says County Council election important


Voting has never been more important than it is this year. In the wake of a presidential election that polarized the nation and established once and for all what most of us already know - that we're sick of polarization and want a country that works - is a much less ballyhooed election: that for our own County Council.

The issue polarizing our community is the proposed Gateway Pacific Coal Terminal at Cherry Point. The terminal threatens to redefine us as a place, and I believe the majority of us don't want to be defined by mega-corporations such as BNSF Railroad, Peabody and Cloud Peak Coal Corporations, and Goldman Sachs (49 percent owner of the terminal proponent's parent company).

What few realize is that the County Council of Whatcom County (along with the Washington Department of Ecology and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) must approve permits without which the coal terminal cannot be built. So vote in the County Council election! Vote like our future depends on it. And if you can, support the candidates you believe will best defend our interests. We don't know how much money will flood in to our community in an attempt to influence our governance, so we must support our own. This is our county! Let's prove we're not for sale.

Terry Wechsler


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