Asks support for stopping Pebble mine


The EPA just reiterated that the proposed Pebble mine will have what I believe to be severe and unacceptable impacts, spelled out in its newly revised Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment. The study found that even without any catastrophic events, digging up the Pebble gold and copper deposit would destroy up to 4,800 acres of salmon habitat and 90 miles of salmon streams. That doesn't even touch on the frightening possibilities of problems with the earthen dams and "tailings ponds" that would have to store up to 10 billion tons of sulfuric acid-laced mining waste on site forever.

Under the Clean Water Act, the EPA has the authority to stop construction of the world's largest open-pit mine. But, more than that, the agency has the responsibility to preserve our national waters of significance like Bristol Bay and must act now to protect the 14,000 jobs that rely on those clean waters.

Bristol Bay is home to one of the most productive salmon runs in the world and gouging their habitat with the largest mine the U.S. has ever seen would harm the fishery and severely impact the local fishing economy which includes my family.

Please join me in sending comments supporting the EPA's revised assessment and encouraging them to stop this project now.

Tanya Baumgart


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