Asks civil society to ban fireworks


I would like to believe that the right to the pursuit of happiness would extend to our shell-shocked veterans who have suffered horrors we fortunately have not. They have asked us to ban fireworks. I would hope we would respect the wisdom of our fire fighters who risk their lives to save us from accidental fires and ones caused by our own follies. They have asked us to ban fireworks. If the animals could speak who every year end up killed, lost or in shelters due to the panic caused by warfare-like explosions in their neighborhoods they would ask us to ban fireworks. Instead their caretakers and shelter personnel have asked us to do so on their behalf.

We celebrate our independence as a country from another country. We have public displays of fireworks that we, as a community, as the collective members of this free society can celebrate our nation.

Our independence is not a license to terrorize fellow citizens. We are a nation of laws. We need laws be able to live in a civil society. And now we need one more.

Molly Monahan


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