Unhappy with pay hikes for county officers


I recently read where the salary commission has granted pay raises for elected county heads for the auditor, assessors and treasurer. These individuals, took a pay raise two years ago during the worst economic conditions since the depression. The results being their entire staffs, the ones that do the real work, being forced to take mandatory no-pay furloughs. These officials, the auditor/treasure, make as much as a CPA. The assessor makes as much as many appraisers. What have they done to deserve or earn these raises? None of these individuals, to the best of my knowledge, have any earned designations attributed to their field of occupation. I know of no one, within the private sector of business, who during this soft economy has been lucky enough to get a pay raise, do you? I feel a new salary commission of common sense individuals should be formed. They appear out of touch with reality. I don't believe that because someone in some other city gets a raise it warrants one here. If they don't like it, they can move to that place, if they so choose. I personally feel a cut in pay is more deserving. I hope all tax-paying voters remember those that accept raises at election time and qualified individuals from the private sector will choose to run and defeat these officials. I do feel, however, the council members earned their pay raise. Am I the only one fed up with this practice?

Bob Wren


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