Says First Amendment doesn't allow discrimination


Recently a Christian woman from Lynden wrote to defend the actions of a florist who refused to sell flowers to a gay couple. I'm mystified by the claim to Christianity by our Lynden neighbor and the florist when their behavior exemplifies what I believe to be hateful intolerance that Christ preached against. Christ welcomed all who believed in his divinity, the fundamental tenet of Christianity. He never spoke about homosexuality. Freedom of religion in the U.S. is not limited to the freedom of Christians. Religious freedom includes all religions, and the right to be free of any. Our Christian neighbor is mistaken that the First Amendment right allows her to judge and discriminate against those who think differently than she. It's this sort of intolerance that makes anti-discrimination laws necessary. Would our neighbor find it acceptable for a Jewish restauranteur to refuse to serve her? There is no government suppression of free speech here -- no conspiracy against Christians. A visit to China or North Korea might enlighten our neighbor about government thuggery. It saddens me that she believes citizens who strive for social justice and equality are a threat to her. It appears that the only two people who are interested in denying rights to others - a few posies for a joyous occasion - are our neighbor from Lynden and the Richland florist.

Mira Kamada


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