Wants sustainable industry for county


Last Saturday council members Brent Goodrich and Bonny Onyon submitted an opinion column that focused primarily on the economic benefits from the Gateway Pacific Terminal. They emphasized that we all must be "good neighbors" and try to calm down the heated debated which is still ongoing. At this stage, scoping is done and a draft Environmental Impact Statement will be prepared by the selected agencies. The debate will continue. The findings will include environmental impacts and economic benefits or costs, as the agencies are able to determine.

It is true that our county could use the extra tax monies generated from jobs, commerce and land use. Any new industry will do that. Why would we cave in to an industry that proposes to ship 24 million tons of coal to Asia at the end of stage I (approximately 2 years), which will then be pouring further tons of carbon dioxide into the world's atmosphere, creating an ever-thickening blanket which will continue to heat the earth and acidify the oceans? We are already at the dangerous point of succumbing to climate chaos from fossil fuels we currently generate. Further, why support an industry at Cherry Point which will endanger Puget Sound with huge ships and the herring population, which has declined by 92 percent since the 1970s? Do we really want this kind of industry in Whatcom County? It would be better to empower and grow industries which support sustainable fuels or products.

Christine Westland


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