Unhappy county mowed blackberries


I live west of Ferndale and recently the county came by to mow the ditches. Instead of just mowing the ditch, the tractor operator reached across the ditch to mow the blackberries we maintain as a hedge. We encourage brambles and blackberries on the edge of our property to provide a screen from the neighbors and to provide food for birds. This is certainly part of our property rights and it was unconscionable for the operator to mow too far on our property. When I talked to the operator, he said, "Most people want us to mow down the blackberries." When I talked to two supervisors from the county, they admitted it was a mistake and promised it wouldn't happen again. However, I believe there are deeper problems here. Evidently the county workers hate nature and are doing extra work to pad their hours. One of the supervisors I talked to mentioned he has a problem with "two many passes" when his operators are mowing. There evidently is a significant amount of money being wasted in both fuel and hours. The county should not assume they are doing people a favor and they should not be wasting our tax dollars by doing too much mowing.

Walter Haugen


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