Rant: Let's get rid of city law on moving parked cars


I write to protest Bellingham's law that street-parked cars must be moved every 24 hours. If you move your car on the street where we live, you may end up driving around for days trying to re-park. The reasons: lack of driveways (this is a historic neighborhood), student rentals (multiple cars per house), and the nursing home across the street (people coming and going constantly, often without great driving skills and usually with big cars).

My husband and I both work at home and walk or ride our bikes to go downtown. We use our cars infrequently. Now, however, due to the recent parking tickets we've gotten, we'll be spending gas and time daily, for the anti-green-living goal of simply moving our cars every 24 hours. Subtract points from the city that touts its front-runner environmental stance. And please, somebody change this law.

- Amy Armitage of Bellingham, via Letters to the Editor

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