Supports right to own guns


The letter to the editor on Sunday from the person about guns needs a response. The United States Constitution's second amendment was adopted on Dec. 15, 1791. That was enacted and shall not be infringed by Congress and to restrict the power of the federal government. I believe the citizens of this country have the God-given right to protect themselves and their family and property from harm or from a government. Guns do not kill people. People with guns do. In Chicago you are more likely to get killed than you are in Afghanistan. Chicago has some of the most strict gun control laws in this country, yet one of the highest rates of murder. A city in North Carolina requires it citizens to own a gun and the crime rate is almost nonexistent. The reason people carry a concealed gun is to protect themselves from persons that are not law-abiding citizens and trying to take something from you that you that you would not give to them if they were not pointing a loaded gun at you. Gun control laws are not about guns but control! If you were a criminal and trying to rob a house and you knew one house had protection because they own guns or the next-door neighbor was a gun control advocate, which house would you enter?

Julian McAllister


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