Confused by concern for gun-related deaths


Liberal positions on numerous things leave me confused.

More folks die in car crashes than in gun violence and there is no call for background checks regarding mental health or drug use for automobile licensing.

Over 60 percent of all firearm-related death is suicide.

I thought liberals were all about freedom of choice (Here, just take this Black Pill. You won't feel anything.).

But still we can't even discuss armed guards in our public schools?

More folks die of drug overdose every year than in gun-related deaths but liberals continue to push for drug legalization. The really ugly part of that is the fact that a large portion of the current level of drug overdose death is using prescription medication.

Do they think legalization will lower these numbers?

In fact, there is more property damage in America and across the globe from crazed sports fans' rioting that from gun violence and we hear nothing regarding restricting crazed, drunken people from sports arenas and/or the sales of alcohol there. If liberals get their way, I'm betting drugs will be sold at public venues before its all said and done. After all, we want to be fair to everybody, right?

Like I said, it's a little confusing.

Konrad Lau

Sedro Woolley

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