Whatcom People: County students honored at Lynden Christian, Seattle Pacific University and at Western Washington University


- Lynden Christian High School announced its third-quarter honor roll:

4.0 gpa

Seniors: Toby Dalla Santa, Trevor Dalla Santa, Renae De Waard, Luke Olson, Tyler Reardon, Colin Robinson, Breanna Veltkamp and Hunter Weinert.

Juniors: Dylan Blok, Ian He, Marissa Hielkema, Joseph Kooiman, Braeyln McClure, Gavin McFarland, Haley Rettmer and Amber Velasco.

Sophomores: Morgan Braithwaite, Annika Filuk, Daulton Hommes, Jenah Korthuis, Allison Smit, Sam Vander Griend and Kori Vander Veen.

Freshmen: Josh Lingbloom, Allison Visser and Aunna Weinert.

3.6-3.9 gpa

Seniors: Abby Asplund, Payton Bruland, Dillon Carhuff, Ashley Cummins, Davis Hagedorn, Adam Han, Brady Harvey, Kelly Heerspink, Hannah Hollander, Molly Honcoop, Jack Huang, Alisia Jacobsen, Mikayla Jansma, Billy Kang, Sean Kim, Bryn Knapp, Ben Knibbe, Emily Korthuis, Stephanie Korthuis, Chantel Kroon, Bridget Kruck, Agnes Li, Nate Meppelink, Cassie Mulder, Daniella Pentsak, Luke Reardon, Janice Rubbert, Will Scholten, Rebecca Steiger, Blake Te Velde, Dillon Vander Hoek, Caira Vander Meulen, Marissa Veldman, Jonathan Veltkamp, Emily Visser, Andi Wang, Weston Whitener, Kristen Williams, Lara Zhao and Andy Zhou.

Juniors: Trevor Burden, Madison Burke, Sam Douge, Cody Engelsma, Cassie Feddema, Kari Folkertsma, Nathan Forbes, Micah Hahn, Courtney Hollander, Ashley Miedema, Ryan Pitcher, Cody Spoelstra, Jenny Sung, Emily Sytsma, Karis Van Diest, Levi Van Weerdhuizen, Livi Vander Griend, Lexi Vander Griend, Jesseca Velthuizen, Sally Vlas, Yajie Wang, Hunter West, Grant Williams and Zach Woodyard.

Sophomores: Isaiah Assink, Noah Bartz, Jack Boersma, Justin Brester, Brandon Brockmeyer, Sebastian Canfield, Brianna De Boer, Sara Dougan, Taylor Finnson, Cody Fransen, Holly Hiemstra, Mindy Honcoop, Lauren Huleatt, Anika Jenkins, Aeyre Johnson, Bridget Johnson, Kara Kroon, Liam Kroontje, Makayla Lancaster, Daphnee Manderson, Julia Morris, Anna Olson, Lincoln Olson, Kristiana Roorda, Ellie Steensma, Zach Steensma, Kathryn Tippery, Alexa Tjoelker, Kendra Turner, Courtney Van Beek, Jake Van Berkum, Colee Van Weerdhuizen, Sophia Van Zonneveld, Emily Veening, Madison Wiese, Jonathan Wiley, Kelly Yoo, McKenzie Young and Jay Zheng.

Freshmen: Sarah Ball, Megan Blok, Moriah Buys, Amanda De Jong, Daniel Doucet, Kenna Drost, Paige Ellens, Karibeth Engelsma, Jake Friberg, Makayla Geleynse, Jevin Holleman, Justin Holleman, Brady Hornstra, Lea Huizenga, Rachel James, Steven Kenner, Jake Kroontje, Monet Lamphere, Emma McKay, Jo Meppelink, Cameron Muljat, Samantha Nokes, Hailey Nordstrom, Haley Ponnech, Lucas Roetcisoender, Zach Roetcisoder, Emma Stump, Brittany Te Velde, Carli Tjoelker, Daniel Traina, Taiji Van Dalen,, Hannah Van Dellen and Kara Veldman.

- These Whatcom County students were named to the winter-quarter Dean's List at Seattle Pacific University:

Bellingham: Grace Bajema, Lydia Hazel and Garrett Mullett.

Ferndale: Grace Burlingame.

Lynden: Ryan Bovenkamp, Kaitlyn Brown, Corey Burden, Jared Burden, Jordan Dykstra, Christine Lee, Kailey Olson, Megan Reardon, Nathan Seely, Brooke Van Dalen, Brielle Van Zonneveld and Kayla VanVoorst.

Sumas: Michael Mouhanna.

- Western Washington University's Model United Nations program represented Azerbaijan and Chile and was named Honorable Mention Delegation at this year's Model UN conference, March 24 - 28 in New York City. Members of the program received five committee awards, the most Western has ever won at the annual conference.

- Western Washington University students received second place in the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Manufacturing Challenge on March 19 in Long Beach, Calif.

The team consisted of 15 members, who worked to create a manufacturing process for an item. Team members included Kate Novich and Robert Mills, both of Bellingham.

This year the team created a composite tackle box for fishing flies that was made out of carbon fiber.

- A group of five Western Washington University students were awarded Honorable Mention in the University of Washington's Environmental Innovation Challenge on April 4. Western's team was the first non-UW team to place in the completion, and split the prize of $2,500 between them.

Western's team created a solar-charged lantern and USB charging station called The SunScroll. The prototype uses prototype solar collecting technology created at Western's Advanced Materials Science and Engineering Center by Professor David Patrick and his team.

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