Enjoyed reading 'Rules of the Road'


I am really glad "Rules of the Road" April 14 wrote about the law for passing a parked patrol car with lights flashing. A lot of people are unsure of what to do when they see a patrol car on the side of the road with lights on, myself included.

My dad is a policeman and I have heard numerous stories of officers being hit by passing cars as they are walking to the car that they have just pulled over. For the safety of our police officers, it's important to quickly either slow down or change lanes when passing.

I have witnessed a lot of people speed past officers standing on the side of the road, thinking that it's OK because the officer already has someone pulled over, when in reality, we should be slowing down when passing, not out of fear of getting pulled over, but out of respect.

We need to respect the service police are doing for our nation and its safety, so let's return the favor and keep them safe.

Lindsey Turner of Lynden

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