Laments use of scribes in hospitals


I would like to commend PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center and EMS for their wonderful care of my husband during his visit to the emergency room in April. A job well done! We felt very fortunate to have such a great team!

Everyone was friendly, thoughtful and knowledgeable. Every time they went to touch my husband, they took time to put hand sanitizer on to prevent cross contamination to him or other patients. The computer charting system was impressive and helped communicate from nurse to nurse. Now, here is my rub.

Apparently emergency room doctors have scribes following them from patient to patient, entering into the computer system what the doctor said to the patient. During this time, we were not introduced to this person or told what the reason was for his being in the room.

As far as I can see, this is an unnecessary position. I am hoping that my bill will not reflect the cost of maintaining this position for the hospital. In days gone by, there were no scribes. I think the community has a right to know that these kind of extra positions are being created in light of all health care cost increases and cuts. And especially when nurses have been fighting for the patients' right to good care.

Nurses and ancillary services work hard and deserve the recognition. I believe cutting their positions and creating these positions is crazy.

Cindy Urie of Lynden

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