Sehome sweeps Northwest Conference Championships


BELLINGHAM - Trevor Northrop has left soccer behind, but that doesn't mean he isn't still thinking about goals.

Northrop, a Sehome junior in his first track and field season, turned in the boys' best performance of the meet in the Northwest Conference Championships on Friday, April 19, at Civic Stadium.

Northrop gained his first victory while winning a classic 800 meters in a personal best of 1 minute, 57.28 seconds over Squalicum's Chris Fredlund (1:58.06) and Patrick Gibson (1:58.13).

Northrop, a three-year cross country competitor who lettered in varsity soccer last spring, joined Sehome's track team because he was inspired by the seniors.

"I just really like the guys. We have so many great seniors," said Northrop, who came in with a best of 1:58.37 and hopes to develop into a Class 2A state qualifier this season and to contend for a state title next year, if not this. Improving by more than a minute on Friday stamped him as a genuine talent.

"Track is just so much fun," said Northrop, who also would like to become better known at Sehome as a senior. Since he is a fulltime Running Start student at Whatcom Community College, with a special interest in science, joining the track team has become a great way for him to make like-minded friends.

Meanwhile, two Bellingham girls' relay teams also turned in season bests with the remarkable total of eight different runners.

The 4x100 team of Alyssa Porter, Mary Dyrland, Mia Hodges, Chantal Tran and Izzi Roberts won in 49.59 seconds and the 4x400 squad of Crystal Cochrane, Mia Hodges, Bekah Jensen and Hattie North prevailed in 4:05.47.

Their coach, Dena Birade, was especially gratified by how her girls are shaping up.

"They're competitors and they know what's important," she said. "When it's time to shine, they show up. They've put in the work and they're consistent, and they're organized in their lives. And they're only going to get better."

Squalicum sophomore Kirsten Webber continued to show she is also a remarkable competitor. She won the pole vault in her high school best of 12 feet, 3 inches while displaying the potential to take a state title as one of the state's top two ranked vaulters.

Mount Baker's Nathan Dunford won the boys' pole vault at 15-6 as the last event to finish, shortly before 9:30 p.m. That mark vaulted him close to the state lead for anyone in any class statewide.

Team scores were not available at press time. They may be posted today on

Squalicum's boys' relay teams also enjoyed a banner day, taking the 4x100 in 43.82 with Jason Pfannenstiel, Neall Koetje, Jonah Jacobson and Kyler Reed, and winning the 4x400 in 3:26.39 with Pfannenstiel, Fredlund, Koetje and Reed. The Storm also gained a win in the girls' 4x200 in 1:50.55 with Julia DeVere, Erin Gibson, Zoe Peterson and Lauren Gibb in a race in which three teams were disqualified.

Reed, a senior with state meet aspirations, made it four gold medals when he won the 100 meters in 11.10 and claimed the 200 in a personal best of 22.49.

"Coming into the season, I was just worried about breaking 23 seconds in the 200, and now I've done that three times," said Reed, who hopes to help the Storm to a high finish at state.

The other double winners were Sehome sophomore Sarah Dolese in the 100 (12.42) and the 200 (26.08) and Squalicum senior Gina Flint in the discus (152-11) and shot put (44-81/2).

Another fast-developing prospect, Sehome freshman Dana Ringler, won the girls' 400 in 1:02.1.

"This was only my third race of the season," said Ringler, who has battled a foot injury this spring. "I was kind of surprised but not really. It's just exciting to be able to come out and compete."

Other Whatcom County girls' winners on the track were Bellingham's Hodges in the 800 (2:24.46), Squalicum's Brittany Gappa in the 3,200 (11:40.42) and Sehome's Hanna Tarleton in the 300 hurdles (46.31).

The boys' 1,600 meters was one of the night's most competitive events as Sehome's Conner Johnsen won in 4:19.45 to beat fellow Mariners senior Reed Henderson (4:20.45) and Blaine senior Tom Bradley (4:21.74), who will run in Class 1A competition in the big meets from now on and thus will no longer face several Class 2A rivals who have given him so many memorable races over four seasons.

Other Whatcom County winners among the boys' runners were Lynden's Jalani Phelps in the 400 (51.60), Squalicum's Gibson in the 3,200 (9:39.71) and Sehome's Nick Saupe in the 300 hurdles (40.75).

"I'll be shooting to win both the 1,600 and the 3,200 at state," said the Stanford-bound Gibson. "The most important thing for me is to score 20 points for our team."

In the field, Whatcom County other boys' winners included Sehome's Austin Rapp in the discus (148-8), Sehome's Chris Wilson in the high jump (5-10), Sehome's Sam Humphreys in the triple jump (40-53/4) and Meridian junior Kaleb Heezen in the javelin (158-5). Other local girls' winners were Bellingham's Olivia Halverson in the high jump (5-0), Squalicum's Zoe Peterson in the triple jump (34-01/2) and Lynden's Shelby Jacob in the javelin (113-6).

The only Skagit County boy to win on the track was Sedro-Woolley senior Seth Noble, who took the 110 hurdles in a personal best of 15.57 seconds. Sedro-Woolley's Brandon Pless won the shot put (50-01/4) and Burlington-Edison's Rudy Mataya claimed the long jump (20-31/2).

On the track, Skagit girls' winners were Burlington's Kim Rabenstein in the 1,600 (5:20.99) and Tiffany Richeson in the 100 hurdles (15.49). Rabenstein was pushed well by Bellingham's Jensen (5:21.31) and Hodges (5:21.66).

In the field, Burlington's Megan Wilburg won the long jump (16-53/4).

It was a long night for some of the field event competitors, since five boys' and girls' field events were contested following the finish of all the running events.

Civic Field

100: Kyler Reed (Squalicum) 11.10, Daniel Ziegler (Sehome) 11.11, Tanner Newton (Sedro-Woolley) 11.38; 200: Kyler Reed (Squalicum) 22.49, Daniel Ziegler (Sehome) 23.09, Tanner Newton (Sedro-Woolley) 23.24; 400: Jalani Phelps (Lynden) 51.60, Darren Arndt (Burlington-Edison) 52.27, Trent Postma (Lynden) 53.10; 800: Trevor Northrop (Sehome) 1:57.28, Chris Fredlund (Squalicum) 1:58.06, Patrick Gibson (Squalicum) 1:58.13; 1,600: Conner Johnsen (Sehome) 4:19.45, Reed Henderson (Sehome) 4:20.45, Tom Bradley (Blaine) 4:21.74; 3,200: Patrick Gibson (Squalicum), Cody Velthuizen (Lynden Christian) 9:50.77, Wyatt Mullen (Burlington-Edison) 9:57.87; 110 hurdles: Seth Noble (Sedro-Woolley) 15.57, Nick Saupe (Sehome) 15.81, Elijah Varner (Lynden) 15.87; 300 hurdles: Nick Saupe (Sehome) 40.75, Elijah Varner (Lynden) 40.87, Justin Biggs (Sedro-Woolley) 42.02; 4x100 relay: Squalicum (Jason Pfannenstiel, Neall Koetje, Jonah Jacobson, Kyler Reed) 43.82, Sedro-Woolley (Tanner Newton, Justin Biggs, Tyler Pearcy, Jay Burger) 44.29, Bellingham (Kalien Hayes, Tristan Hurley, Tanner Aliff, Jamie Sayegh) 44.74; 4x400 relay: Squalicum (Jason Pfannenstiel, Chris Fredlund, Neall Koetje, Kyler Reed) 3:26.39, Sehome (Reed Henderson, Conner Johnsen, Trevor Northrop, Nick Saupe) 3:28.82, Lynden (Bryce Sterk, Jordan Sterk, Trent Postma, Jalani Phelps) 3:30.16; High jump: Chris Wilson (Sehome) 5-10, Ben Garcia (Squalicum) 5-10, Donovan Campeau (Ferndale) 5-08; Long jump: Rudy Mataya (Burlington-Edison) 20-03.5, Mason Elms (Sedro-Woolley) 20-03.5, Relijah McMillen (Meridian) 20-01.75; Triple jump: Sam Humphreys (Sehome) 40-05.75, Jeff Bajema (Burlington-Edison) 39-04.75, Ryan Otterholt (Sehome) 39-02.5; Shot put: Brandon Pless (Sedro-Woolley) 50-00.25, Austin Rapp (Sehome) 47-08.25, Thomas Vazorka (Bellingham) 47-00; Discus: Austin Rapp (Sehome) 148-08, Thomas Vazorka (Bellingham) 145-02, Brandon Pless (Sedro-Woolley) 139-02; Javelin: Kaleb Heezen (Meridian) 158-05, Jeremy Canniff (Burlington-Edison) 149-02, Kyle Maassen (Ferndale) 143-10; Pole vault: Nathan Dunford (Mount Baker) 15-06, Sam Humphreys (Sehome) 13-06, Dylan Anderson (Sehome) 13-00.

Civic Field

100: Sarah Dolese (Sehome) 12.42, Alyssa Porter (Bellingham) 12.44, Chantal Tran (Bellingham) 12.69; 200: Sarah Dolese (Sehome) 26.08, Alyssa Porter (Bellingham) 26.71, Chantal Tran (Bellingham) 26.81; 400: Dana Ringler (Sehome) 1:02.10, Fabianne Jahnel (Sedro-Woolley) 1:02.18, Emily Sytsma (Lynden Christian) 1:03.33; 800: Mia Hodges (Bellingham) 2:24.46, Bekah Jensen (Bellingham) 2:24.86, Chynna Phan (Mount Baker) 2:25.41; 1,600: Kim Rabenstein (Burlington-Edison) 5:20.99, Bekah Jensen (Bellingham) 5:21.31, Mia Hodges (Bellingham) 5:21.66; 3,200: Brittany Gappa (Squalicum) 11:40.42, McKenzie Roque (Meridian) 11:55.69, Alexa Shindruk (Lynden) 11.56.79; 100 hurdles: Tiffany Richeson (Burlington-Edison) 15.49, Allie Kohr (Squalicum) 15.59, Sabrina Wilk (Sedro-Woolley) 16.86; 300 hurdles: Hanna Tarleton (Sehome) 46.31, Kieya Villars (Blaine) 47.96, Abby Dimock (Burlington-Edison) 48.52; 4x100 relay: Bellingham (Alyssa Porter, Mary Dyrland, Chantal Tran, Izzi Roberts) 49.59, Sehome (Sarah Dolese, Elsa Sandeno, Kendra Thomas, Hanna Tarleton) 50.39, Squalicum (Kim Hazlett, Lauren Gibb, Julia DeVere, Kirsten Webber) 51.59; 4x200 relay: Squalicum (Julia DeVere, Erin Gibson, Zoe Peterson, Lauren Gibb) 1:50.55, Meridian (Trinell Carpenter, Leyla Marino, Lexi McKinnon, Janessa Murphy) 1:52.01, Ferndale (Sarah Erdman, Cece George, Cheyenne Joshua, Jillian Monson) 1:54.72; 4x400 relay: Bellingham (Mia Hodges, Hattie North, Katie Linton, Bekah Jensen) 4:05.47, Sehome (Emily Pittis, Kate Hannah, Hanna Tarleton, Elsa Sandeno) 4:07.96, Meridian (Trinell Carpenter, Taylor Lunde, Janessa Murphy, Jayna Edmonds) 4:13.78; High jump: Olivia Halverson (Bellingham) 5-00, Madison Weg (Lynden Christian) 4-10, Ilea Dibble (Squalicum) 4-10; Long jump: Megan Wilburg (Burlington-Edison) 16-05.75, Izzi Roberts (Bellingham) 16-04.5, Jessa Metzger-Clark (Sehome) 16-00; Triple jump: Zoe Peterson (Squalicum) 34-00.5, Jessa Metzger-Clark (Sehome) 33-07, Taylor Lunde (Meridian) 32-05.75; Shot put: Gina Flint (Squalicum) 44-08.5, Dellisha Hodges (Burlington-Edison) 34-11.25, Morgan Van Kooten (Lynden Christian) 34-10; Discus: Gina Flint (Squalicum) 152-11, Maddi Hommes (Lynden) 152-11, Ashley Loreen (Nooksack Valley) 109-03; Javelin: Shelby Jacob (Lynden) 113-06, Bodie Medler (Sehome) 110-07, Hannah Wynstra (Lynden Christian) 107-11; Pole vault: Kirsten Webber (Squalicum) 12-03, Tiffany Richeson (Burlington-Edison) 11-06, Tori Franzen (Squalicum) 11-04.

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