Uncle of bombing suspects lived in Ferndale for two years


— An uncle of the two brothers suspected in the Boston Marathon bombing lived in Ferndale between 2003 and 2005, according to property records.

The uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, provided a widely-watched interview Friday, April 19, with a crowd of reporters in the driveway of his Maryland home. Tsarni asserted his own love for America and his sense of shame at being related to the bombers.

When his wife showed him the picture of the suspects, he was "shaking," according to a Boston Herald report.

"Anger, anger, anger. I can't come up with the words," Tsarni said when asked for his response to the terrorist attacks his nephews are accused of. "Unhuman."

Describing his emotions, he said: "I'm not being able to feel anything. Anger for the people they murdered."

Tsarni owned a home on Glacier Place in Ferndale, and served as vice president of Big Sky Energy Corp. of Calgary, according to online records.

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