Herald readers share their Valentine poems


We asked readers to share their words of love in advance of the Feb. 14 Valentine's Day.


May your rants and your raves

Be as rain in the trees,

May the curses you spit

Fall like dew on the leaves,

May your strident complaining

Dissolve into doves,

May the dawn find you smiling,

Astonished by love.

- Victoria Doerper,



- I lay where I can watch the moon,

- mindful you are moon-watching too.

I savor this moon-bridge to you.

Longing for you to come back soon,

I strum a uke, as songs I croon

to block the thoughts that turn me blue.

- Mindful you are moon-watching too,

- I lay where I can watch the moon,

aware that when night fades out soon,

dawn is one-day nearer to you.

I'll savor moon-light and dawn's dew

'til you and I, as one, can bloom.

- I lay where I can watch the moon.

- Marjory Thompson,



Spring spring

Spring fling

There's a queen

For every king

Spring forward

Spring to me

Let's go on a

Spring spree

Colors, colors everywhere

Leaves grow on branches

Animals awake and start their dances

While lovers make advances

The heat is growing stronger

Soil sinks to dry

The days are getting longer

Newborns start to cry

Spring spring

Spring fling

There's a queen

For every king

Spring forward

Spring to me

Let's go on a

Spring spree

- Patrick Todd Carney,



I found you standing in the darkness,

your shining face supremely polished

by the razor's quick lick

and the sauna steam bloom

from your mug of morning coffee:

Guatamalan nectar

which always makes you sigh

You were ready to turn

the round brass doorknob

and rocket into

the spinning round work world,

well armored with alacrity, bolts of caffeine,

sturdy boots, and

my incessant prayers

for your safety, and


The heavy-eyed sky,

not yet interrupted

or made transluscent by the sun,

shrouded your departure, but since

the first of you I saw this morning

was shining,

the iced feeble daybreak

could not rival your Alleluia light

or the heat of your body,

still lying on the bedsheet

- Marla Morrow



In the kitchen

a sweet smell of lemons;

with you in our garden

I forget to collect the seeds.

- Glen Turner,



I love you as you hang the storms against our twenty-sixth winter.

I work nearby ... washing each large pane and steadying the ladder.

We laugh

When the glass cracks,

Not once, but twice,

Which means two trips to the hardware store.

I don't blame you for swearing out loud ...

But you laugh too.

Looking upward as I try to toss a tool

Near enough for you to catch it,

I think your white hair and soiled red jacket

Are beautiful against the autumn sky.

Our house will be snug and safe against the elements,

And outside forces

Which might interfere with our twenty-sixth winter

Of loving each other.

- Nelle McClenahan,



With her kiss awake

on my lips, I am born

and the sheets are incense

and flannel

the sun is the music

of a winter sparrow

and a winking animal

runs off with my heart.

- James Bertolino,



We have Chemistry together.

And we're supposed to make a battery:

No strong acids or bases.

This much magnesium,

lemon juice maybe?

Sitting on the cold concrete floor until

asses were flat

knuckles bruised

copper shiny as a new kiss.

Deoxidizing zinc and drilling holes,

surgeon's mask to surgeon's mask.

"We could win this," I say. "We really could."

And you with your smile and your cookies,

always a cookie for me.

And it's still going well and there's a diagram,

more drilling,

more cutting,

two broken bits.

We take a break and dance to the radio,

twilight in the window and

surgeon's masks around our necks.

But then there's vinegar and wire-stripping,

and cells assembled and tested.

No voltage.

And we're both good at Chemistry but you're better,

so I look at you and laugh

and poke you in the ribs

and finally you smile.

And now it's ten o'clock and we've





And I screwed something up,

so I'm sitting on the floor with tears in my eyes

and you're not angry, even though it's late

and you could be.

So I stand up and we work together,

clumsily tying knots in copper wire.

And now the meter springs to life

and it's only 4.3 volts, but it's enough.

We won't win, but it's midnight, so we

clear a path through metal debris,

tracking spilled vinegar behind us.

You tuck me into my car and kiss my forehead and

I know that our battery is

powerful enough.

- Nicola Morrow,



I thought him besotted,

but more than lust it seemed.

The time was given to me like apples ripen in the orchard.

I took the minutes one by one, placing them in my basket.

Appreciating the growth in red hues

and the length of the branches even in summers blues.

- Mel Perkins,



The perfect chemistry to grow

an arrangement of the points in space

I can see, you and I


naturally occurring

a lattice valuable in its rarity

providentially formed

through change

through any challenge

we can heal, grow together

let our fingerprints show our healing fractures

a fascinating inclusion

you are

nature's mystery


intrinsic symmetry

eternal beauty

the perfect chemistry to grow.

- Daniella Piccioni,



(To Louise)

If I were a moment

I'd linger with you,

To add other moments

When that one was through.

- Leaf Schumann,



We know Cupid has an arrow.

Does it pierce thru or barrow?

Mine was stuck good for many years,

Was there for everything, but ended with tears.

Ah, 30 years of bliss and sorrow,

surely nothing else could follow.

Status quo ended with government seals.

Valentine wasn't used to deals.

Love is boundless in infinite ways,

Don't give up, it has many different stays!

- Silvia Kramer,



Out on Dodge Valley Road

we stopped so she could walk

halfway up the golding slope

of tall ripening grass and blue-green weeds

to drifts of wild California poppies.

I waited below, fussed with the car,

and when I looked back up

couldn't see her at first

sitting beside the orange flowers

in her soft-yellow dress,

but, in a sudden, cross-hill gust,

she moved one tanned, sensuous arm

just enough

to catch her red scarf,


and tell my heart what it needed to know.

- Glen Turner,



I close my eyes expecting darkness

But there your loveliness is

Your luminescent smile

Waiting for me

- Clayton Medeiros,



(For Karen Gretchen and David Vincent)

There is a little girl, a boy

They're fighting all the time.

Mother often uses the ploy

"You're driving me out of my mind."

On the eve of Valentine's Day,

When the three were busy baking,

Mother was overhead to say

Some fuss you kids are making.

What a terrible time to fight

While making these heart cookies.

You make tracks, get out of sight

Keep quiet can't you, please!

So to their rooms in deep despair,

Missing the red and pink icing,

They seemed to think it wasn't fair:

Fighting was just too enticing!

What the mother didn't understand,

But learned the very next day,

Is that brothers and sisters fight, but can

Keep love in their hearts anyway.

On the fourteenth day of February,

When the little girl had left for school,

Mother, from refereeing weary,

Fund out she'd been a fool.

The little boy tore open his cards,

Then happily showed just one

By streaks and black erasures marred,

"Look, Mom, who is it from?"

She thought, this mushy verse why bother,

Then turned to printing on the back

And read "To my best brothr."

He withheld it from his stack.

After awhile he said "You see" -

(The Mother stood, tears blinking)

"I think she really likes me!"

(What had that Mother been thinking?)

- Alice Racer,



Hearts of two,

God bless your shoe

and your hairy toes inside

Hearts of three,

For who you be

Hearts of four,

I'm wanting more,

Come back!

Hearts of five,

You jimmy jack jive

Hearts of six,

What you break,

you repair

Hmmmm ...

Hearts of six,

What you break,

you fix

Hearts of seven,

Should I count to eleven?

Hearts of eight,

Let's take a break for crumpets and jam

Hearts of nine,

Your love sublime

Hearts of ten,

Have I told you lately?

- Marla Morrow,



Why does my heart sing

when you come in the room?

Married now for countless years.

The seeds of love still bloom.

What keeps that old love glowing?

A luscious kiss or two.

Ripples of laughter flowing.

I'm still in love with you.

Mix in an honest "I'm sorry."

A grateful "Thank You" too.

Finish with a loving hug

I'm so in love with you.

- Donald G. Cramer,



Cupid told me to keep it in mind

That our thoughts on this day

So true and sublime

Are true all year long

Not just a short time

I'm your valentine now

I'm yours and you're mine

Not just today

All the time

- Betty MacDonough,



"Love" is such a wondrous word - with just four letters, true.

But everybody uses it to mean from me to you.

They use it for an ice cream cone or sand upon a beach.

They even use it for some things that may be out of reach.

Words that sometimes go with it are many and are varied.

Like can and do or would and could and even sometimes married,

Yet ask someone to please define this little word for you.

You'll see masters, scholars, Ph.D.s get into quite a stew.

But make a child the same request they answer with a squeal.

It isn't something you define it's something that you feel.

- Carolyn Frost,



blue-gray eyes and self-assured face

beneath a blonde surge of spring-tight curls

that jiggled when she ran or laughed

I think of Gena Lee sometimes

because of the valentine with a curl inside

she gave me

in Mrs. Hudson's fifth-grade class

the curl and valentine were lost

somewhere just south of growing up

but I remember Gena best

whenever I smell bubble gum

years slip away -

we are ten again -

and I can taste

the precious flavor of her smile

- Glen Turner,



Time can't take away anything

That has already been given.

Your treasures from days gone by

are treasures still.

My most treasured memories

will aways be.

I have learned that life is not

one big beautiful jewel to hold or lose.

We do get to keep, however,

the small diamonds that come our way.

You have offered me those many diamonds

which I continue to treasure still.

- Marian Yunghans,



I dated a lot of frogs, a few princes -

but Mike was the King.

He gave me two new princes -

Eric and Alan

and shared his father as mine was gone.

Mike was there always -

sometimes in letters

sometimes in ham radio patches

but always in my heart.

He ruled my heart for over thirty years.

Now my heart is broken

as death us did part.

His "Lady"

- Nancy Holl,



(For my A.)

The gaze of your brilliance -

It dances only for me.

The echo of your soul -

It whispers only to me.

And the twinkle of your eyes -

It smiles only at me.

The sparks shimmering in your mind!

I feel them when yours is pressed to mine,

That breath of light!

That breath of light that sparkles and glitters and radiates from you,

And your heart,

That is mine.

These things that are only for me:

They sing me a song.

Each morning I wake to you is a gift.

Each night I lie next to you,

A gift.

To choose the greater of the two is an impossibility.

The stars will twinkle down from the heavens

And shimmer around us like tiny sparkles of snow

Because the all that is everything

Knows my love for you

Is too strong to keep them in place.

- Lynne Marie Simpkins,



My heart skips

My heart jumps

My heart swings

My heart dances

My heart twirls

My heart shoots

My heart rolls

My heart tumbles

My heart races

My heart wrestles

My heart bounces

My heart dribbles

For You!

- Adele Lloyd,



I vow to spread the fairy dust on our world with night sparkles and day dew.

I vow to pause before I leave for work, stoking the fire, keeping your warmth.

I vow to give you my thoughts with sticky notes, spread across your morning path.

I vow to find the time to share in your thoughts, to open my view to encompass yours.

I vow to laugh more, to pass the time with the unraveling of petals, the small buds opening.

I vow to envelop us in embraces that hold tight, yet let us breathe that sigh of comfort.

I vow to dance with lightness and fervor, to meet your steps with my own.

I vow to think, feel, and grow trusting that your thoughts, feelings, and growth matters equally with


I vow to open my heart which holds my children and family sacred, giving you a space that expands with each heart beat.

I vow to share the sensuality of nature, the smooth curves of the moon, the heat of the sun, the sparkle of the stars, the downpours of rain that nurture us.

I vow to remain by your side in that never ending cycle of life.

I vow to love you with my heart, my soul, and my trust.

I vow to grow old with you; our souls polished precious stones.

I vow to hold your hand in my own.

- Abbe Rolnick,



I believe in gentle kisses, the look across the room that makes you smile from the toes to the nose.

I believe in staying in bed past the wake up time for the last hug.

I believe in the person who knows without words and can define the feeling when even you don't know what it is.

I believe in licking salty tears and laughing till you pee.

I believe that all serious matters can wait until both parties understand even without agreeing.

I believe that handsome is the way you carry yourself and that sexy is how you view the world.

I believe that passion is found in the tiniest speck of sand mixed with a drop of rain, creating mud puddles and rolling landscapes.

I believe in love that expands the heart to encompass more and encourages the cream to rise to the top.

I believe in the decadence of abandonment of worry and the forthrightness of honesty.

I believe a lover's passion manifests in unintended smiles, the secret of sharing the intimacy of memory, and in the twinkle of growing futures.

I believe that two beings can grow from different stalks, sway with the wind, entwine in the embrace of knowing nothing but possibilities.

I believe in souls that slip into synchronistic melodies that endure with a song of many stanzas.

I believe romance is a promise that encompasses trust, like dancing partners who move gracefully through turns and twirls never knowing the next step.

I believe each whisper of the wind is a kiss from the universe, a secret message that endures.

I believe in the tale of two lovers who continually spread fairy dust on the world, night sparkle and day dew.

I believe the spell of love is never broken, pearls polished with years, renewed in the universe, orbiting our heart.

I believe that this is our tale to live for the rest of our lives.

- Abbe Rolnick,



There once was a man in Bellingham.

Seeing his girl he cried out, "here I am!"

But she turned and she ran

Into the arms of another man.

Turns out it was that fellow from Birmingham.

The sweet lass pledged her love eternal

as she embraced the lieutenant colonel.

Heart full of sappy dreams,

Head full of wedding schemes,

She couldn't know his love was external.

In his coat he carried a photo of his cousin,

A girl like which there were more than a dozen.

Sadly they weren't the kissing kind,

(a fact to which she was blind),

Being easier than most women to cozen.

The soldier was a blackguard, a scamp, and a rogue,

To toy with such pure hearts is never in vogue.

To his truck our hero ran in a trifle,

Quickly removing a pewter black rifle.

His goal; justice for his dearest darling Miss Hogue.

But what if his love were unrequited?

How would you like to be so slighted?

He returned it to his truck,

Determined never to be a schmuck;

And besides he was very short-sighted.

Instead he submitted the facts to the paper,

Asking them to judge the Colonel's caper.

With his love so true,

This question is for you,

Would you like to be his Mrs. Draper?

- Kristina L. Silverbears,


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