Savior and Marie Papetti

November 25, 2012 

Please join us in celebrating Savior and Marie Papetti's 65th wedding anniversary at an open house at their daughter's home, 5481 Dinkel Road, on Sunday, Dec. 2nd 1 -5 PM. Both from fisherman families in the 40's, and after Savior came back from the war, they met and fell in love. He from Collinsville and she from Pittsburg, California right across the river, they were destined for each other. They married on Dec 28th 1947. And what a life they have had!!! Raising 3 children they lived off the land in Collinsville by hunting , fishing, raising sheep, gardening etc -- oh the good ole days. Then the Sacramento River closed for commercial fishing and they relocated to Bellingham. Savior continued to fish and Marie started day care. She was a loving caring momma to many children for years. They both ran a fishing operation in Alaska for 40 years taking their children and many others for the fishing opportunities in Egegik, Naknek and other rivers in Bristol Bay until a few years ago when their children MADE them stop…or they would still be doing it. They have always traveled places, going to Italy several times and Mexico every winter. Their children are Salvatore (Nancy) Papetti, Dominic (Karen) Papetti, Splendora (Don) Huizenga and grandchildren Savior, Denise, Dominic, Michael, Victor, Estelle Papetti and Richard and Tommy Huizenga.

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